Diaper Bags

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LULU Backpack and Satchel

Lulu Backpack

Lulu Backpack


The Lulu Backpack and Satchel are great hands-free options for your diaper bag!  The same size as the Lulu Large, this bag comes with the same 6 pocket system, flap that secures with a beautiful nickel finish clasp and magnetic snap closure.

Measures approximately: 17″ wide top, 12″ tall, 12″ x 5.5″ bottom


Emma  & Stella

Bag collage copy
Emma Large

Emma Large

Stella Large

Stella Large

Emma and Stella have style all their own but with the same great features every woman wants and needs!

What’s the difference?  Stella has the same style of the original Emma bag but includes the accent on the band, 2 tone strap and 2 orings on the strap to attach to the bag to a stroller.

MEDIUM 15″ W X 12″ T X 3″ D


Stella Medium

Stella Medium

EMMA in medium | This shows my personal bag when my youngest was about 15 months and all that I carried in the medium-sized bag

EMMA in medium | This shows my personal bag when my youngest was about 15 months and all that I carried in the medium-sized bag




This bag makes a fantastic purse and a terrific diaper bag when you don’t need to carry everything and the kitchen sink! I started using this size when my youngest was about 6 months and it’s the size I carry most of the time with my 3 and 1 year old sons. I fit two sippy cups, diapers/wipes, checkbook, notepad, sunglasses, cell phone, camera, a few books/toys, snacks, a couple hats, snack cups and more.

LARGE 17″ W X 14″ T X 4″ D

Stella Large

Stella Large

From left to right: Emma, Stella




I recommend the large for new mommies or when you carry a lot of stuff! In addition to what you can carry in the smaller bags, the large can also carry change of clothes for baby, burp cloths, blanket, more diapers, creams, the kitchen sink! Seriously, this bag has a lot of room for those early months of carrying it all.  Makes a great beach bag and would make a terrific school bag, laptop or overnight bag too!

XL  17” W X 14” T X 6” D


Roomier than the large and ideal for moms with twins and several kiddos to carry for!  For moms needing to carry a lot of extra gear!

Lulu Extra Large Tote

Large Tote

Extra Large Tote


The  Lulu Tote features a beautiful fabric and pu leather combination which makes this stylish bag washable!  Get the look of leather and the convenience of being able to wash this bag when you need to!  Includes 2 shoulder straps and key hook at the top of the bag so you never dig for your keys again!

Extra Large Measures:

20.5″ wide top, 14″ tall, 15 x 6″ bottom

7 interior pockets

Lulu Medium

Large Lulu Tote

Large Lulu Tote

Lulu Tote XL vs Large

Lulu Tote XL vs Large

Large Measures:

17″ wide top, 12″ tall, 12″ x 5.5″ bottom

6 interior pockets