The first step to caring for your new Maranda Lee bag is to use it all time!


If you’ve chosen a lighter color fabric you can use a Scotch Guard stain repellent spray to help keep it clean. Spot clean as often as possible using mild soap and water on a colorsafe cloth.


Being a mom of 2 boys I know what happens to our bags/purses so sometimes you need to clean it thoroughly. YES! You can wash your bag in the washing machine. Use cold water, gentle or handwash cycle with a mild color-safe detergent (like Woolite). Hang or lay flat to dry (do not tumble dry). You can use a medium heat iron to press out any wrinkles. (My mom would say throw it in the dryer and you certainly can do that-and I have, but to keep your bag looking newer longer, I recommend air drying rather than in a dryer.) Using a fabric softener will soften your bag and cause it to loose it’s structure/stiffness. Decide if this is something you want before using fabric softener.

**Please note some fabrics when treated with warm/hot water, detergents/stain removers or high agitation/rubbing on other items can lead to fading and compromise the structure of the bag.

Enjoy! :)